Thinking Palestine Panel, Poster Exhibit, Reception: Apr 28, 4-6:30PM


Please join us on April 28 from 4-6:30 pm for a panel, poster exhibit, and reception for the event “Thinking Palestine: 1967 and Beyond” at Wireframe Studio (Music Library, Music Building 1st floor, Parking Lot 3).

June 2017 will mark fifty years of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. The anniversary makes all too evident what activists and scholars have long noted: the Israeli military occupation is not temporary. It is a defining structure of the Israeli and Palestinian political landscape.

Initiated by the Centers for Middle East Studies at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara, separate panel discussions on all three campuses form the core of the conference. UC Berkeley’s panel of experts will reflect on how horizons of the future were differently produced across various disciplines after 1967. The Berkeley event will open with a keynote address by human rights attorney and activitist Noura Erakat, “Taking the Land without the People: International Law and the 1967 War.” UCLA’s panel focuses on the cultural production of nostalgia and memory. Our panelists will be Hosam Aboul-Ela (University of Houston), Elliott Colla (Georgetown University), and Nadia Yaqub (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).


At UC Santa Barbara, we seek to build on decades of critical thinking and political organizing around Palestine and justice more broadly. It will engage how legality, legitimacy, and history have intersected over the last half a century.

Panelists: Felice Blake, Richard Falk, Lisa Hajjar, Sherene Seikaly
Discussant: Jennifer Tyburczy

Thanks to Palestine Poster Project Archive for the exhibition. The image above is from the 1968 poster by Faustino Perez in Cuba.


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