Leading an innovative form of humanities-based inquiry that explores digital media through critically and theoretically informed collaborative design practices, UCSB Film and Media Studies Professors Laila Shereen Sakr and Alenda Chang established Wireframe Studio in 2017.

Make + Think + Play: Creating a Supportive Community

Wireframe Studio was established to support collaborative and cutting-edge research and teaching in new media, with an emphasis on global human rights, social justice, and environmental concerns. From the outset, we have made UC Santa Barbara students a priority through innovative coursework, design opportunities, and stimulating public programming. Located adjacent to the emerging Digital Arts and Humanities Commons, the studio provides a space for production and critical engagement across media including games, data visualization, installation art, virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, performance and installation, livestreaming, 3D modeling, mobile apps, and social media. In the future, we hope to expand our programs to provide the latest technologies for both our students in the classroom and interdisciplinary faculty/student research clusters. Through graduate and undergraduate courses; symposia, workshops, and other events; and team-based project development, we envision staging and sharing complex work in environmental and global media, and sparking dialogue among cultural producers, scholars, and activists around the legacies and continued importance of digital media practices.


  • Wireframe Public Event Program
  • Virtual Reality Research Cluster
  • Games Library

How We Use the Studio

  • a dedicated space for creative research. The digital media studio will support innovative game development (e.g. “green” games, “serious” games or games for change) and computational art, augmented-and virtual reality, data visualization, and cyborg projects (e.g. Prof. Shereen Sakr’s ongoing social media analysis through the media research system R-Shief with more than 30 billion archived entries). Professors Chang and Shereen Sakr will use the space extensively for creative research, but it will also be open to other departmental faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates. We welcome involvement!
  • a classroom for cutting-edge pedagogy using interactive media (e.g. “live-streaming” assignments using the web as a broadcast medium)
  • a gallery space
  • a venue for visiting speakers, scholars, activists, designers, and researchers