Growing Games

Corridors web game (under development | Intae Hwang, Alenda Chang | Unity 3D): a game about wildlife mitigation techniques, animal migration, reimagining human infrastructure, and multispecies flourishing.


In 2009, Professor Laila Shereen Sakr created R-Shief to archive and visualize social media content, most notably in relation to the 2011 Arab Uprisings and Occupy Wall Street movements. Over the past eight years, R-Shief as collected twenty-eight billion social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular sites) in more than seventy languages. R-Shief has been used by scholars in the humanities and arts, as well as by practitioners engaged in research and creative activities. While the new Kal3a (castle) platform is under development throughout 2017, here are working prototypes of the latest real-time visualizers.

VJ Um Amel

As a conceptual art project, Laila Shereen Sakr created an Arabic-speaking cyborg, VJ Um Amel (Arabic for VJ “Mother of Hope”), who performs and exhibits media art projects. She reappropriates emerging technologies in processes that are both creatively productive and critically analytical to offer insight into how people from different backgrounds and political actors can not only survive, but also become more empowered to create change in an increasingly networked culture. Wireframe is this cyborg’s computer.


FemTech Lab (Film and Media Studies 189FT, Spring 2017)


Streaming Media (Film and Media Studies 166SM, Winter 2016, Instructional Improvement Program grant recipient)